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Reefer container 40 feet
  • Reefer container 40 feet
  • Reefer container 40 feet
  • Reefer container 40 feet

Reefer container 40 feet

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Country of manufacture:United States

Refrigerated container ( refrigerator container , from the English refrigerator container, reefer ) is a sea container with special insulation and integrated refrigeration equipment

Reefer containers (container - refrigerator) are created using the world's leading technologies based on high quality, reliability and high performance.

A reefer container is easy to use and maintain, reliable sealing, low energy consumption - everything for the success of your business

A 40 feet reefer container is great for keeping your cargo safe during transportation. This container is intended for cargo that requires certain temperature standards or a very large cargo.

If you need to buy a refrigerated container, then feel free to contact our company.


Wide temperature range
Refrigerated container - powerful refrigeration unit, maintained temperature from - 25 ° С to + 25 ° С


Sensitive and precise temperature control

Accurate and precise (maintained up to 0.1 ° C) temperature control reliably protects your products from freezing, spoilage and other troubles


Automatic diagnostics ("online assistant")

The presence of a self - diagnosis system will promptly and promptly prompt for all sorts of failures, errors and malfunctions in the operation of the refrigerated container, indicate what needs to be replaced, changed, repaired.


Display unit

Friendly and understandable display with backlighting and a simple keyboard does not require any special skills and abilities to handle and use. Everything is very clear and simple. The display clearly indicates the status of the equipment, which simplifies the operator's work. The large display allows you to clearly see all the necessary information about the operation of the installation. It is easy for the operator to change the settings and preset settings of the operating mode, as well as to control the operation of the equipment himself


Sanitary and epidemic requirements

The design of the refrigerated container was designed by world engineers to ensure the hygienic safety of stationary storage of food products and goods requiring special temperature conditions. The inside walls and ceiling are made of profiled stainless food steel panels, and the floor is a sealed bathtub with drains and a durable T - shaped aluminum profile



Refrigerated containers are filled with an environmentally friendly refrigerant (freon) - R 134a, the molecules of this synthetic refrigerant do not participate in the destruction of the ozone layer and the formation of greenhouse gases


Not a single trading company will allow itself to supply poor quality, spoiled products. The policy of state supervision and control over food products will in no case allow expired goods. Almost every consumer, approximately 95% , always pay attention to the shelf life of the product. Therefore, perishable food must be brought to stores in good condition. However, even if their delivery was of high quality and all the temperature standards were met, it is not a fact that these products were stored properly in the store. The fact is that each product category has its own temperature storage regime. For example, frozen fish and dairy products have different storage conditions, and, of course, the temperature of keeping them in refrigerators will also differ.

Therefore, in order to avoid low - quality products, as well as subsequent problems not only with customers, but also with all the sanitary stations appropriate for this occasion, it is necessary to purchase refrigerated containers on time. If there were none, replace the old containers with new ones. Each technique has its own service life and you shouldn't forget about it. You should not wear "until victory" until everything fades out there. Having foreseen all technical standards in advance, you can protect yourself from unexpected damage to products.

The essence of refrigerators (container - refrigerator), is to store or move, both short and long distances, products: meat products, fish, vegetables, dairy products, etc. Also, such containers are used when transporting plants, medicines, and other items.

Such containers are always available by any land and air transport, as well as by rail. Some models of refrigerators have wheels. Such refrigerators are called trailers and can even be hitched to a passenger car. Containers can always be found in different sizes and in different weight categories, depending on the purpose.

During the transportation of products, one must not forget that some products require careful transportation. After all, no one is immune from mechanical stress on goods when driving along the road. Indeed, in order for the product to be in proper form, it is necessary to observe the temperature regime. Products with a short shelf life require special attention. The refrigerator is able to maintain the desired temperature that you need. It is able to maintain the set temperature starting from minus twenty - five degrees Celsius and ending with its temperature range plus twenty - five. It all depends, again, on the transported goods. In any case, the integrity and safety of the cargo is the primary task of any cargo transportation company.

Refrigerated containers can be bought in Minsk of the most compact type. These universal containers are capable of transporting any products that require compliance with special temperature standards, since the container is insulated with foam plastic with aluminum foil. It is she who is able to safely and with minimal thermal conductivity to transport any cargo. And also, it is sufficiently environmentally friendly, which meets all the established standards. The container itself is made of tightly sealed panels. The doors are sealed with rubber with high wear resistance, which improves the tightness of the refrigerator.

You may not believe it, but there are refrigerators that are capable of transporting several different goods with different temperature conditions. The containers are made of lightweight materials, which allows him to reduce its weight, but at the same time increase the mass of the cargo itself.

The most popular are usually refrigerators, which deliver cargo over long distances, as well as perishable goods. When choosing a refrigerator, the buyer should pay attention to the parameters of its transportation: cargo weight, path distance, product category (and accordingly the temperature norm for the category of this product), its ergonomic properties, as well as other features of cargo transportation. After all, the choice of a particular refrigerator model that you need depends on the parameters you need.

World leaders in refrigeration container manufacturing

ARSK - Service is a supplier of the world's leading manufacturers of refrigerated containers:


Carrier Transicold Ltd. - refrigerated containers of the CARRIER brand


Thermoking Corporation - containers of the THERMO KING brand


Sabroe Reefer Cooll - containers of the SABROE brand


For more information or expert advice, write to us or call

Phone: + 375 29 198 10 57 arsk @ tut. by + 375 29 258 10 57





Country of manufacture:United States
Profile: 12 m
Load-lift capacity: 3780 Ton
Information is up-to-date: 12.05.2021

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