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Sea container 40 feet
  • Sea container 40 feet
  • Sea container 40 feet
  • Sea container 40 feet

Sea container 40 feet

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Country of manufacture:China

The sea container is a strong corrugated steel structure designed for the transportation and storage of a wide variety of cargo, goods, materials, tools and household equipment.

The company "ARSK - Service" offers you new and used 20 and 40 foot sea dry cargo containers to solve your needs in the fast and inexpensive creation and / or increase of storage facilities.

We also provide shipping containers for rent

We provide container rental services both on our own territory and at the customers' sites.

The containers are in a usable condition, located in a protected area and meet all reliability criteria: tightness, moisture resistance, the presence of locking devices, etc. ).

Shipping containers are great for industrial applications. Also, sea containers are perfect not only for cargo transportation, but also for organizing a warehouse. That is why sea containers Minsk are widely used. It is quick and easy to buy a sea container in Minsk at an affordable price. It is enough to contact us and an experienced manager will help you with your choice.

Also, our company offers a sea container b. at. 20 feet and sea container b. y 40 feet for rent. Often times, people want to buy a used sea container. at. in Minsk due to the fact that it is excellent for household purposes.

The most popular way to store and transport various goods is by sea containers. This container will safely transport any of your goods in complete integrity and safety. After all, many products require safe transportation. It's not very good when the load is half spoiled. On the way, few people are insured against various cases. Not many people manage to deliver the goods in good condition. In any case, if the product itself was brought intact, then the packaging from it may not be in the best condition, and this may no longer be suitable for the consumer. Every manufacturer and customer wants the goods to be transported in proper form. Then the manufacturer will not have to blush for delivery, and the customer will be pleased to receive a long - awaited batch without flaws. This is especially true of technology, technical equipment, building materials and others. Spoiled non - working equipment, building damp boards will no longer be needed by anyone if they were not transported correctly. If you want everything to be 100% delivered in proper form, then you should prepare the appropriate container. Therefore, of course, a sea container is best suited for such cargo. It is he who is able to fulfill all the conditions of transportation, while maintaining the complete safety of any cargo.

If you have to carry goods in several ways, for example, at the beginning by rail, then by sea, and then again by rail, or by air, then it is the sea container that will come in handy. After all, then you do not have to constantly move goods from container to container. The sea container can be immediately loaded into any type of transport without repacking, which reduces both the cost of cargo transportation and the time spent on this. When sending goods from one destination to another, it is important not to exceed the cost of transportation, otherwise your shipped goods will not pay off. Then the point of selling shortcuts is if you find yourself in the red.

A sea container, having traveled even half the globe, will be able to protect the cargo from various external influences and preserve the entire integrity of the cargo. Such a container is always sealed, not only protecting the goods from damage, but also from the case of theft. Now your product is not afraid of thunderstorms, storms, hot sun or heavy rain. After all, the frame of the container is sheathed with anti - corrosion steel sheets.

Containers may also vary in size. The word sea container gives rise to images of huge iron containers that can only be lifted by a large crane. In principle, this is almost the case. However, there are not only forty pound containers, but smaller twenty pounds. Also, there are ordinary ones, only two and a half meters high. There are also containers with a stretched awning roof, thanks to which you can load cargo from above. Despite the standard dimensions of containers, you can see in the world and containers already reaching fifty - three pounds. Also popular are sea containers, the so - called tank containers, in which liquid and gaseous substances can be transported.

Shipping containers are very popular because they are versatile. They can even be used for shops and workshops, as garages, a country house and a barn, and for many other areas of life.

You can also buy a sea container in Minsk at a reasonable price, different dimensions, weight category and different architectural designs. Sea containers are not produced in Minsk, everything is mainly imported from neighboring countries. However, this does not at all mean the low quality of the product. The rigidity and tightness of the structure is the key to a successfully transported cargo, regardless of its category. After all, it is the strength of the container that will not allow you to turn your cargo into "fragments" or garbage. It doesn't matter where you have to send the cargo, to which part of the world, no matter how many kilometers it has to be on the way, it doesn't matter how long the cargo will be on the way, it will in any case be reliably protected and will arrive in its original form, despite any weather conditions and conditions at the unloading points. The most reliable container is a shipping container.


You can get additional information about the availability of sea containers from the company's specialist by phone numbers + 375 29 198 10 57, + 375 29 258 10 57


Country of manufacture:China
Color:In assortment
Profile: 12 m
Load-lift capacity: 4000 kg
Information is up-to-date: 12.05.2021

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